We try to capture the action of each trip with HD Video Camera's and create short videos of the experience.  

  On many adventures, we are chasing one of the most challenging freshwater sport fish in the world - the Steelhead of the Pacific Ocean.  We fish with flimsy rods, fancy flies, and light leaders.  The "grab" is electric, the first run is amazing, the rod doubles over, the drag "screams", and you hope the knots hold… you're directly connected to the power of the Pacific and on a fly rod, you feel every head shake and tail thrust.  It's quite an experience.  For most anglers - it's the fish of a lifetime.

  When the steelhead wins the battle, we're left with an open mouth, a slack line and a great story to tell.  Sometimes, it's a downstream run into the backing or an acrobatic leap above the surface that might unbutton the fly and free the fish.  Whatever the outcome, you gotta respect and admire these beautiful, crazy, challenging, wonderful, frustrating, powerful, fussy, delicious, lovely steelhead of the Pacific Ocean.


Ben Leonard - nephew - Ben's NW Adventure

Mara Zepeda in Canvas & Wool on the McKenzie

Brett Gilchrist catches a "Hot Steelhead"

Josh Weaver in Steelhead "Proposal"

Coach Anthony Levrets - 4Peat Steelhead !!

Jon Lehr on a "Lonesome Dove" Adventure

Fish Like a Girl… and Catch a "Big One"

Rogue "Rogues" of 2013  

Pastor Darrell in "Deliverance"

Mike Caruso in Mike on the Mac

Dr. Dan Philips in FineFisherman

Ken & Kathy O'Renick in a classic Steelhead Double

Coach Levret in  July 4th Steelhead - "3 for 3" 

Josh Weaver in - Josh in Marten's "WooHoo"

Jon on the "Upper Mac" - Miles and Miles on the Mac

Tim's Steelhead - Tim in the Wild Wild West  

Rogue Wild & Scenic Trip - Rogue River Return - 2012

Jon Lehr on a "True Grit" Wooden Boat Adventure

Pat and Peter Hoglund thru Marten's on the McKenzie

Sugarland in Oregon - Fly Fishing the Calapooia 

Highlights of 2011 in Big Fish in the Big Valley

Brett Gilchrist in Big Country Steelhead

Bruce Orem in Steelhead in the Wild Wild West

Charlie Bing in Lonesome Steelhead

Daniel Hatten in Rogue River Seven

Kevin & Ken in A Few Steelhead More

Bruce Orem with a big fish in Hang em High

Scott Halpert in Silverado Steelhead

Mike Drake in High Noon Steelhead

Dr Dan Hutton and his dad in Steelhead Bonanza

Dr Dan Hutton and his dad in Steelhead Stalkers

Doug Whitacre in Blazing Saddles Steelhead

Coach Anthony Levrets in Coach and the Steelhead

Steve Hill in The Good, The Bad and The Steelhead

Me in Back in the Saddle

Tim Hatten in November Steelhead

Gary and Brian Hatten in Gary and Brian in the NW

Greg Johnson & Nathan Wood in GameDay Steelhead

Chet Croco in Steelhead - Smoked and Fresh

Bob Welch with a "lively" Steelhead on the "Fly"

Highlights of 2010 in Wooden Boat Adventures - 2010

Underwater Footage in Under the Upper McKenzie

How To Video's:

How To Run Marten's Rapid on the McKenzie - Class III

How To Run Blossom Bar on the Rogue - Class IV

Boat Festivals:

McKenzie River Drift Boat Festival - 2011

Snake River Boat Festival - 2011

Boat Building:

Boat Building "Obsession"

Grand Canyon "My My My Portola"


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