Winkin Blinkin & Nod on a WoodenBoat Adventure by Greg Hatten     This children's book is an adaptation of Eugene Field's original poem from the 19th century with updated illustrations of Hatten "kids" who climb aboard a little blue boat to fish for Steelhead with flies of silver & gold. Quite an adventure!!

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Whistles in the Canyon - Overland Journal   by Greg Hatten                In 1964 two dams were under construction that would've buried the Grand Canyon beneath thousands of feet of water and turned the Colorado River into a two hundred mile lake.  Three men organized a trip in wooden dories and then initiated one of the great environmental campaigns in history to stop the dams.  On the 50th Anniversary of that event we replicated the boats and the trip to honor their river running legacy. Order a copy...


Obsession...  - WoodenBoat Magazine   by Greg Hatten                     On the 2015 cover of Small Boats by WoodenBoat Magazine, my handcrafted wooden drift boat, the "Obsession" is in the midst of one of my favorite Class III rapids on the McKenzie River in Oregon. Read about how these boats perform so well in treacherous rapids, where they got their start, and even how to build one. Here's the link to order that issue:

Find Your Park… in a WoodenBoat       by Greg Hatten                    In 2016 the National Park Service celebrates their 100th Anniversary. As part of that celebration, I am highlighting 12 Parks in my wooden boat on some outrageous adventures. If you enjoy river running, fly fishing, camping, and cooking in our National Parks you will enjoy the articles on Yellowstone, Teton's, Olympic, Rainier, Crater Lake, Glacier, Rocky Mountain, and Yosemite….



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