Find Your National Park on the 100th       Presentation:

In 2016, the National Parks are celebrating 100 years of service.  We are helping shine a light on the parks and wooden boats by exploring a number of parks in a handcrafted wooden drift boat and then writing about it, photographing it, video documenting it and sharing it on a variety of social media formats.

In a one-hour presentation, I will take you and your group to the parks from the perspective of a wooden boat in some of the wildest rivers in North America and prettiest landscapes.  This is a great group presentation - for large and small groups alike.  Entertaining and educational - I talk briefly about the history of each park and then show you  stunning photography and hi definition video including footage from wooden boat adventures in Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Olympic, Rainier, and Rocky Mountain.  Major themes for this presentation include….  Passion, Persistence, Preparation, Nerve, and Being "Small" in the wilderness. 

For Business Presentations - I tailor each presentation from a menu of "themes and skill blocks" that brings the outdoors - indoors with practical applications from out adventures that apply to everyday problems and decisions… Those points include:

* Management

* Leadership

* Teamwork

* Goal Setting

* Creative Problem Solving

* Calculated Risk Taking

* Contingency Plans

* Resolve

* Nerve

* Attention to Detail

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